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With our own warehouse with over 2500 square meters and, if required, rented warehouse space we are probably one of the last classic machinery dealers in Germany.
Our own warehouse allows us to take quick decisions and, if necessary, dismantle machines from one day to the next, and store them in our premises.
On the other hand customers can also come spontaneously to see a wide range of machines and buy it immediately from stock.
We have three fork lifts with a capacity of 8 tons, 5 tons and 2 tons.


In our workshop with our 5 engineers; machines, if required, are completely overhauled, cleaned and / or repainted. All machines are checked before they leave our warehouse. Furthermore we have 3 independent technicians working in our workshop on demand.
In order to respond independently to delivery times of the spare parts suppliers, we always stock approximately 5000 spare parts from all major manufacturers. From the smallest screw to numbering and perforating devices to air cooling systems for larger machines.

Dry ice cleaning

As one of the few companies in our industry, if not the only, we have the opportunity to clean each machine by dry ice on customers request. The cleaning cabin is also used for cleaning with liquid solvents.
Through a recycling loop, the solvents can be used repeatedly until they are disposed of properly.